Slither Strings are handcrafted, custom wound strings designed for musicians by musicians.

Precision-engineered by renowned recording artist and sound designer, Roman, these strings use the finest materials and techniques specifically designed to bring forth a bright, sophisticated sound. A discerning musician himself, Roman believes that a solid performance comes down to technical excellence – and that can only begin with a proper set of strings.

Slither Strings is the result of more than thirty years of touring, recording and jamming with the best musicians of every discipline.

Roman emerged as a prodigy, playing the piano at 5 years old. He started bass guitar at 12 years of age, and began playing the trombone at 14 years old. At 16, Roman became a professional musician, performing with the group “Arthur Cunningham and the Columbine Company”. He later performed with” Jazz X” in the early1990s, gracing the stages of the New York jazz scene.

Roman honed his craft in the smoky jazz clubs watching his heroes – Jaco Pastorius and Stanley Clark – perform unthinkable sets into the wee hours of the night. The spirit of those insane riffs and runs are baked into every set of Slither Strings.

Nothing comes between a jazz musician and the tools of his craft. Soon, he was combining string sets with different qualities to achieve vintage sounds that were previously unattainable while using off-the-rack string packs. His obsession led to a cult following of musicians who sought Roman’s custom strings.

He had the chops, but he needed the knowledge. Roman attended Fairleigh Dickinson University and studied at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. He graduated from Hofstra University and went on to study at The New School Guitar Study Center in New York City, and switched his focus to rock and roll and pop music. Every step of the way was documented by an evolving line of custom strings. By the time he was touring for Electra records as a gun-slinging bass player on several domestic and international tours, his reputation as a “string whisperer” was set in stone. During this time he played on more than 30 albums for various artists and became the backbone of several touring rock outfits like Brainchild, Emiko, Foxy Brown, and Bloodroot. More recently, Roman shares his skills with white hot performing bands such as Bravo Delta, Midnight Clover, and Too Close for Missiles.

Along the way, Roman formed a boutique studio in New York City called SnakeJam, which quickly became the late-night shop for artists of every ilk who wanted to jam, experiment and record in a low-pressure, high-quality environment.

The quest for the perfect set of strings led Roman and his SnakeJam collective to Las Vegas, where all his resources were devoted to developing Slither Strings with no expense spared. Musicians from around the world seek Roman’s secret recipe for the state-of-the-art strings and technical witch-doctoring. Every set of Slither Strings contains the spirit of those who came before us, and open up for all who are about to rock.

Enjoy your Slither Strings. The power is now in your hands.